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Voter Contact and Volunteer Management

Voter File Management

Thousands of Democratic campaigns, progressive organizations, labor unions, and nonprofits use VAN voter contact tools to manage their voter contact and civic engagement programs. Whether branded as VoteBuilder, SmartVAN, the Labor Action Network, or just VAN, these are the tools Democratic and progressive activists rely on.

Volunteer Management

The VAN database was built under the guidance of Obama for America. Tightly integrated with the voter file and your voter contact program, VAN provides a complete suite of volunteer management tools for tracking your activists and setting up and scheduling events.

Phone Services

RoboCalls and RoboSurveys enable users to cut any list of voters or volunteers, walk through a short, intuitive wizard to record their message, and monitor the call or survey’s progress as data is collected. The whole process takes only minutes to set up, and you never have to leave your database. We have negotiated rates that give even the smallest campaigns and organizations access to the tools at the most competitive rates. Through the same simple process, Predictive Dialer gets volunteers on the phone continuously with voters or donors. The result? Volunteers make voter contact with three times the efficiency of manual dialing.

Casework Management

Casework Management enables users to assign and monitor all communications with constituents and third party agencies. Using our tools, legislative offices are able to track all incoming constituent requests from first contact to resolution.


MiniVAN is the free mobile canvassing application that allows users to export canvassing lists from the VAN onto a mobile device (including iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, and Android phones and tablets). Canvassers can enter data into their device as they talk to people on their list, and then upload their data back to the VAN with the touch of a button. Canvassing with MiniVAN allows NGP VAN clients to spend more time and resources on actually contacting people instead of on data entry. And there are accountability features, so now administrators can check the time of each entry. Get it for free at the iTunes Store or Google Play.