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  • 11/06

    Election Day 2012: John’s Story (Indiana, 2008)

    “Tired” didn’t even begin to describe it. Every morning, to remind me and my volunteers of the timeline we were working with, I changed the poster on the wall that cheerfully counted down the number of days until the election. Not only was it about the seriousness of the election, and how little time we had to work with, it was a reminder that all of this work, all of this organizing was towards a destination.

  • 11/04

    The lists we hold onto

    Campaigns are big on lists. They help us make sense of the chaos.  I still have some lists that stick with me to this day.

  • 10/31

    Poll Finder

    Representation is a fundamental human right.

    The fight for representation isn’t new. We’ve been organizing for representation as long as we’ve had governance. And as long as we’ve been fighting for a voice, fighting to make sure that everyone has a seat at the table, there’ve been forces trying to silence us. We see that today in attack after attack on the ability to vote, from needlessly restrictive voter ID laws to outright voter registration fraud in places like Virginia and Florida.

  • 10/29


    We hope everyone in Hurricane Sandy’s path is safe and sound. If you need it, the Red Cross can help you find shelter

  • 10/17

    Three takeaways from last night’s debate

    The first debate caused pundit after pundit to decry how “boring” the debate was and make quips about the fact that it was hard to tell who won, but the audience definitely “lost” the debate. No one’s saying that today.

  • 10/12

    Facts Matter: Vice President Biden Takes the Fight to the Romney-Ryan Campaign

    Last night, we saw one of the best political debates in recent memory. Masterfully moderated by ABC News Senior Foreign Affairs Correspondent Martha Raddatz, it started with an atrocious tie on Congressman Paul Ryan…and never really got better for him. Some takeaways from yesterday:

  • 10/10

    Endless coffee, door knocking, & phone banks - we’ve been there.

    Many staffers here at NGP VAN got our start in the campaign world — from county council races all the way to presidential campaigns. We’ve been through the late nights of data entry, the early morning canvassing, and everything between.

  • 10/03

    My Rootscamp Story

    I can still remember my first Rootscamp. Fresh off a defeat in 2008 (I was a Regional Field Director on the Jill Long Thompson campaign), I took a trip down to DC to go to my very first Rootscamp without knowing much about politics or the broader movement. I was just a wide-eyed new organizer trying to take it all in.

  • 09/24

    Special visitors at our Somerville office

    Today was a momentous day at NGP VAN.  We hosted Senator John Kerry, our next Senator Elizabeth Warren, Congressman Mike Capuano, and Mayor Joe Curtatone for a press event in NGP VAN’s Somerville office.

  • 09/18

    Get visual with Twitter's new header photo

    Today, Twitter announced the ability for accounts to upload a header photo to your profile page.  While similar to the cover photo in the Facebook timeline layout, this header photo is the background for your bio and profile picture, so it is best thought of as an accent image, rather than something that will contain lots of detail or content.