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  • 03/19

    "I want what Obama had!"

    "I want what Obama had!"


  • 03/17

    How the Top 4 Email Providers Determine What Is and Isn’t Spam

    A comprehensive breakdown of GMail, Outlook, Yahoo and AOL Considerations

    Every email provider is a kingdom with their own laws, rules, and customs. If you run afoul of those rules, you have an increased chance of having your email wind up in the spam box. It’s good to know exactly what email providers are looking for when they make the split second decision as to what to do with the bulk email you send.

  • 03/13

    NGP VAN at SXSWi: Business Should Let Data Drive Decisions

    This year's SXSW Interactive Festival featured a panel hosted by NGP VAN entitled, "Obama & Beyond: Political Tech in Business" which included an impressive group of political technologists who

  • 03/11

    The Second Iteration of

    Today is a good day. The second iteration of's Reed Award-winning website has officially launched and it’s pretty awesome to say the least.

    Widely recognized as the geeks who helped power the competitive advantage for the Obama campaign — NGP VAN has equipped Ready for Hillary with some of the most innovative uses of political technology to-date. We’ve productized many of the tools and concepts harnessed by Obama for America to provide an unparalleled edge tailored to the specific needs of Ready for Hillary in this next stage of development.

  • 03/07

    SXSW & Political Field Tools that Kicked Ass for Elizabeth Warren

    I’m so excited to be in Austin, and to have the opportunity to spread the word about the amazing work so many people did to help get Elizabeth Warren elected in 2012, and the tools and tactics we used to help make it happen. Senator Warren likes to say that it wasn’t just about winning an election - it was about building a community and a movement that would work to get things done in the Senate.


  • 03/07

    SXSW, Startups and Politics

    My bags are packed and I’m ready to head off to SXSW!

  • 03/06

    Google is Making it Easier to Unsubscribe

    At the Messaging, Malware and Mobile Anti-Abuse Working Group Conference last week, Google announced it will be rolling out an easier way for Gmail users to unsubscribe from marketing emails.

  • 03/05

    What Mobile Means for Politics

    A recent report found that in the fourth quarter of last year, almost a third of all Internet traffic was coming from mobile devices. Meanwhile, ComScore forecasts that 2014 will be the year that mobile traffic overtakes desktop and Yahoo’s CEO Marissa Mayer predicted that by the end of 2014 Yahoo “will have more mobile traffic than PC traffic.” And with Facebook’s recent acquisition of mobile messaging company WhatsApp, mobile is yet again in the news.

  • 02/14

    What’s a Spam Trap?

    In my previous two blog posts I brought up the idea of Spam Traps a few times without actually diving in very much as to what exactly that is. In simplest terms Spam Traps are email addresses used by email service providers and anti-spam services to identify senders with poor data quality practices. If you send to a Spam Trap, you are assumed to have a non-opted in and/or confirmed list, bought email addresses and/or appended data with email addresses, or you have poor list hygiene practices. They’ve become a nuisance, shutting down numerous email programs and costing them millions of email subscribers when cleaning up the mess they cause. ReturnPath reports that 60% of “all emails received by spam traps are sent from commercial marketers.”

  • 02/10

    Progressive Organizers, rejoice. MiniVAN 7 for iOS has arrived.

    It’s here. It’s free for download. And it’s pretty awesome. MiniVAN 7, the latest version of NGP VAN’s canvasing application for iOS, is ready and waiting for you at the iTunes App Store.