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A Smarter Way to Turn Social Influence into Action: Announcing ‘Pulse’, a New (Free!) Feature

Social has long been a buzzword that organizations struggle to turn into actionable data. Twitter and Facebook lower barriers of entry to connect, making your next all-star volunteer or monthly donor just a tweet or post away.

But with the endless stream of tweets, the noise can be overwhelming. It’s hard to tell which of your supporters are actively engaging on social media about topics that matter to you.

To help you solve those issues, we’d like to introduce you to Pulse. Pulse has two main features:


Matching your contacts to Facebook and Twitter

Organizations spend a lot of time segmenting and targeting their supporters, but they don’t always know which of their supporters are active on social media. That’s why we are now matching, for free, NGP and EveryAction contacts with their publicly available social media profiles. 

Now, when you look up a record, you’ll see your contact’s Facebook and Twitter profiles, including number of friends and followers. This information is searchable, and can be combined in a search with all the other information in your database. 

A few examples of how you can use this new social data:

  • Hosting a fundraising event? Now you can search for existing donors who live near your event location and have over 500 friends on Facebook, and ask them to be a host.
  • Or maybe you have a debate or event coming up. You can easily search for supporters with over 1,000 followers on Twitter and ask them to live tweet the action.
  • Perhaps you’re making a fundraising call. Now you can easily click to see if you have friends in common on Facebook or thank the contact for tweeting about you.

Taking the ‘Pulse’ of your contacts

Knowing who your contacts are online is incredibly powerful, but we also wanted to help organizations cut through the noise to quickly find tweets from their most influential contacts. That’s why we partnered with to bring the Pulse widget to your dashboard. Pulse curates the most recent tweets from your most influential contacts about topics specific to your organization and places them in the “My Contacts” tab. 


In a separate “Top Tweets” tab, Pulse takes advantage of the NGP VAN network effect, by displaying a stream of the most recent tweets from the most influential people across our entire client-base. Giving you a quick snapshot of what’s driving progressives’ discussion.

At NGP VAN, we’re focused on helping you run the most effective campaigns, by coordinating your activities, across social network and email channels, and across online and offline activity. We hope that you enjoy this new feature. 

 Mike Liddell is the GM, Digital @NGPVAN. Find him on Twitter @mliddell and let him know your best practices for using Pulse.