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How NGP VAN Can Help You After the Election

What are your plans after Election Day? Sleeping? Eating healthy again? Reintroducing yourself to friends & family? How about a beach vacation?

We want you to know that once all the votes are counted, team NGP VAN will still be here. Did you know most campaigns keep their databases open even after Election Day? There are a number of reasons campaigns of all sizes do this – check them out, below:

Filing Reports. Your favorite part of your job, right? Most states (and the FEC) require reporting months after Election Day. We don’t want you to get slapped with a fine for not filing your reports.

Communicating with supporters. You flooded their inboxes for weeks – don’t go silent now! Our in-house email expert, Brett, says that email best practices suggest that in order to maintain a healthy list, campaigns should send an email at least once a month.

Build your list. Who doesn’t want to build their list? One of the best ways to grow your list of supporters is through NGP VAN’s petition pages. Send an email and post on social media – no matter what happens this election year, we’re confident the Republicans will do something crazy that’s worthy of a petition.

Keep raising money. After you’ve taken a break, of course.

Not sure where to begin after you’ve caught up on sleep? Cleaning up your data is a great place to start – and team NGP VAN can help you with that. We can de-dupe, update addresses, household contacts, and flag bad email addresses. Want a free quote? Drop us a line.

Looking to brainstorm ways to get the most out of your tools after Election Day? Your NGP VAN Account Executive will be happy to chat about some ideas. Shoot us an email and we can put our heads together.

We are proud of each and every one of our NGP VAN clients – thank you for all the hard work that you’re doing.

We’ve got your back.