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Action Center

 Now, the Internet is not just an ATM for campaigns to get contributions from their supporters.  With the Action Center, supporters of a campaign or cause can take other real actions to support a campaign, from anywhere, at any time, just by logging into your web site.  Organizations like Ready for Hillary, the DCCC, and Planned Parenthood are using this innovative new product to empower their supporters to recruit more supporters, raise more money, and make more contacts.

NGP VAN’s Action Center provides clients with the ability to have supporters take part in everyday campaign activities like voter identification and persuasion, grassroots fundraising, crowd building, volunteer recruitment, and get-out-the-vote activities.

Using the Action Center, supporters can log into your website.  You can create a series of activities for them to perform:

  • raising money from their friends and family, by creating their own online contributions page
  • recruiting their contacts to volunteer, sign up for email lists, or sign petitions
  • calling targeted people on the phone or contacting them in person (for persuasion, GOTV, etc.)
  • sharing information on social networks

One of the valuable aspects of the tool is that it helps your campaign map relationships between your supporters, and the people they interact with.  For example, when a supporter emails friends and asks them to give money (or volunteer, or sign up for email, or sign a petition, etc.), the Action Center automatically creates a relationship between that supporter and the people who actually take the desired action.  Between now and May 2015, supporters can also map their friends on Facebook.  Social science has shown that when people are asked by someone they know to perform an action, their response rates are much higher.

Because supporters no longer have to drive into a campaign office to help, your campaign will be able to access new time capital of your supporters.  And by utilizing the relationship data to have the right people make the right asks, your campaign will access your supporters’ social capital, and get better outcomes. 

The Action Center also has gamification: your campaign can determine what types of goals your supporters should set, how many points they should get for each completed action, and what achievement badges they should get for hitting specific goals.  Through leaderboards that can get sorted for all of your supporters, or just a county, your supporters will be motivated to more take more actions on your behalf.

The Action Center is integrated with the NGP VAN organizing and fundraising products, meaning that all this online activity is automatically integrated with your offline activity.

The Washington Post wrote of the “recruiter” feature when it launched, “If it works, this could become the next big breakthrough in campaign tech.”  The “social organizing” feature won the 2013 Campaign & Elections Reed Award for “Most Innovative New Product,” and the American Association of Political Consultants 2013 Campaign Excellence Award for Best Use of New Technology.  The social fundraising feature has helped clients raise hundreds of thousands of dollars.